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All About Cactus Leather

Curious how prickly pear becomes a high-end purse? Explore the wonders of cactus leather.

When the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, you know we need more innovative and sustainable fashion materials. Cue eco-friendly, sustainable leather alternatives. While I wrote all about Apple leather and the reasons why faux leather made from petroleum-based products is a huge culprit in fashion waste, it’s worth reminding folks, faux leather as we know it, ain’t all that’s out there! Fashion aficionados, industry leaders, and manufacturers must do better, and they have.

Ahem. Introducing… cactus leather. Why is cactus leather the newest and most exciting plant-based material on the block? Well, it’s simple. Cactus leather is sustainable, eco-friendly, mostly biodegradable, and lasts a decade. There’s a lot to be excited about. Here’s why cactus leather is making waves in the fashion world.

What is cactus leather?

Cactus leather is a new sustainable plant-based leather made from the leaves of the Nopal (prickly pear) cactus plant. Cactus leather is:

  • Partially biodegradable

  • Flexible

  • Breathable

  • Last 10 years

  • Water-resistant

This new and exciting leather alternative is now being used to make:

  • Jackets

  • Shoes

  • Handbags

  • Belts

  • Wallets

  • Furniture

  • And more

The future is looking bright for this desert plant.

How is cactus leather made?

The process for cactus leather is both simple and natural. Cactuses are grown in the desert with the most popular location being the state of Zacatecas in Mexico. The Nopal (prickly pear) cactus is indigenous to this area and can be grown abundantly with nothing but rainwater and the local soil.

Between six and eight months, manufacturers harvest the leaves from mature Prickly Pear cactuses being careful not to disturb the root structure so they stay healthy and alive for future harvests.

The harvesting process doesn’t require the plants to be cut down or destroyed. Careful harvesting can look like trimming the plant, taking what’s needed, and leaving the plant

to regenerate.

Once harvested, the raw leaves are treated without toxic chemicals, the sharp parts are removed, and they’re left to air-dry The result is a high-quality vegan leather that’s biodegradable, smooth to the touch, water-resistant, and durable.

But, how eco-friendly is cactus leather?

The Nopal cactus is a very sustainable option for plant-based fashion. This type of cactus is known for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide. When manufacturers leave the roots of the plant in the soil while harvesting, this supports the plant’s CO2-absorbing properties. The plant also needs very little water to grow, making it a more water-efficient option than cow leather. Waste management is also part of the process. The excess leaves that aren’t used for cactus leather goods are sent to the food industry for other purposes.

It’s a no-brainer. When compared to the high energy demand, cost of animal life, water, food, and waste that comes from cow leather, cactus leather is a great alternative that offers a competitive high-end product for fashion lovers.

Where can I buy cactus leather goods?

Oh my garsh. I’m glad you asked. I follow several sustainable fashion brands on my Instagram that have been SLAYING the cactus leather game. Whether you’re looking for a large piece like a jacket or backpack, or a small piece like a wallet or belt, these five brands are KILLIN’ IT (in a vegan way) with their cactus leather goods.

This cactus-forward fashion brand makes gorgeous, high-end handbags, jackets, and backpacks. They’re one of my favs, because not only do they use eco-friendly material, they donate a good portion of their proceeds to animal and environmental conservation non-profits. What a treat!

If cactus leather footwear is your fancy, check out Carmona Collection. This Mexico-based brand crafts elegant cactus leather high heels, dress shoes, sandals, and other footwear. Make a statement in these mindfully made cactus leather kicks.

Cactus leather handbag, anyone? Count me in! Alkeme Atelier uses all sorts of sustainable plant-based materials for their luxurious handbags and cactus leather is certainly one of them. If you’re looking for a stylish and chic new handbag, look no further than Alkeme Atelier.

For cactus leather wallets that you can’t wait to put your money into, Allegorie is incredible. Their beautifully crafted cactus leather wallets are oozing with style, mindfulness, and are straight up chic. They also offer handbags and other accessories. Perfection in every seem.

Your new favorite plant-based leather belt is here. Made with an amazing amount of attention to detail, Black Nopal is crafting nicely-made belts, wallets, and accessories. The best part is, their products are unisex, so share your favorite piece with your favorite person.

Talk cruelty-free to me

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