About Topaz


Hi, I'm Topaz but you can call me...

the Cruelty-Free Copywriter

I help brands like you, sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and plant-based CPG, reach ethical, conscious consumers with copy and content that stands out, turns heads and changes the world.


As a 6-year vegan and cruelty-free consumer myself, I know what conscious consumers want. 


Clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free products they can trust. 

I know the power of good marketing because I fall for it all the time. Good copy and marketing positions brands in the best light, tells their stories, builds trust, and hones in on their unique voice. It's all about telling the truth, being transparent, and showing conscious consumers that you're just as passionate about the planet, animals, and humans as they are. 

I can help your brand stand out, turn heads, and change the world.

With me on your side, we'll be able to reach the ethical, conscious consumers you've been looking for. Get more sales, grow your audience and fulfill your mission of creating a more beautiful, sustainable world.

Let's work together. 

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