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Now’s a good time to be a cruelty-free brand.

Between 2018-2020, $7 billion worth of plant-based goods were sold including plant-based milks, cheeses, and meats.

In 2019, 35% of consumers said they were looking for cruelty-free beauty and 24% were looking for vegan labels.

52% of consumers want fashion brands to become more sustainable.

vegan content writer

So, how can we turn this huge market opportunity into sustainable sales for you and your brand?


As your data-driven copywriter with heart and ethics, I can help you turn your cruelty-free brand into a household name. Let’s help potential customers see why you’re the best cruelty-free brand on the block.

topaz hooper vegan copywriter

By the way… I'm Topaz

Cruelty-free consumer and vegan for health, animals, and the planet. I’m originally from Denver, Colorado (plant-based CPG heaven) and have only skied once. 😬

Although I’m not your typical Coloradan (anyone wanna go to the beach?), I am your ideal customer. And I know exactly what they want. Clean, cruelty-free, and ethical products that they can feel proud of.

I know firsthand because my journey to becoming the Cruelty-Free Copywriter had a not-so-glamorous beginning.

Going cruelty-free all started with a steak in my mouth…

One snowy evening in Colorado in 2011 changed my relationship with meat forever. I was a university student visiting my parents for dinner at our family home. My mom prepared a fragrant steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, and steamed green beans.

After chewing the rugged, gummy steak to exhaustion, I fell asleep with my mouth ajar with half-digested meat hanging out. I miraculously survived and woke up the next morning feeling disgusted.

Not with who I was, but how I let meat and animal products stand in the way between my health, nutrition, and values.

This wasn’t who I was or who I wanted to be. So, in 2012, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet.

It wasn’t until 2015 when I visited a Vegfest in my local city that I saw the animal cruelty documentary, Earthlings. From that moment on, I knew I could never go back to animal products again.

From there, in 2018, I became a vegan chef for women’s yoga retreats. Then I started Afro Feminista Vegan. A coaching website designed to help Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X adopt a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

But in 2021, I knew I could do more. I could use my learnings as a chef, coach, and multi-year vegan to help others make an impact. 

topaz hooper vegan and cruelty free copywriter

Fast forward to today, I’m a happy and sassy 8-year vegan on a mission to help plant-based CPG, sustainable fashion, and clean beauty brands thrive and make their mark on the world.

Plant-based CPG and cruelty-free brands born and raised in Colorado are exactly that: the perfect combination of clean yet effective. They embody exactly what consumers actually want.

With the vast majority of consumers believing “cruelty-free” or “vegan” means “not as strong,” “not the real thing,” or “lower quality,” communicating the value of your sustainable fashion line, plant-based ingredients, or the performance of your clean beauty product is essential to surviving in the cruelty-free market.

As a cruelty-free consumer and copywriter, I combine psychology and persuasion along with compassion and humor to connect with consumers on a human level and transform them into raving fans.

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"Topaz is truly a joy to work with!"

"Topaz brings equal parts enthusiasm and humility to her work as she crafts copy with care... She makes every deadline without fail, generates strong ideas, and her writing skills are bar none. Work with Topaz and you won't regret it."

- Patty Hodapp, Content Strategist, Health Coach Institute

topaz hooper vegan copywriter

Less talk,

more action.

Trust me, I’m more than just a “vegan.” I’m an environmental steward and animal lover through and through. Here’s my impact as a cruelty-free advocate on this planet:

  • I am an 8+ year vegan.
    While being vegan I’ve managed to save millions of gallons of water, spare hundreds of animal lives, and reduce my carbon footprint just by cutting down the animal products on my plate.
  • I invest in cruelty-free brands.
    From my head to my toes, I only buy cruelty-free, vegan, and plant-based skincare in glass bottles. I wear non-leather clothing, and I invest in circular fashion like recyclable shoes and plant-based leather accessories. My goal is to reduce the amount of animal agriculture necessary to produce the goods I enjoy while supporting small cruelty-free businesses where every dollar counts.
  • I drive one day a week.
    I live in beautiful Boulder, CO, where I get to walk, bike, and run to most destinations. This means I only use my car one day a week and significantly reduce my consumption of fossil fuels and the emissions that come along with driving vehicles.
  • I bank with credit unions.
    All of my business funds go into a small credit union that I know redistributes wealth back into my community and keeps it out of the hands of big banks that invest in oil, gas, and environmental degradation.

Turn heads.

Get sales.

Change the world.

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