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ZeroWater is a nationally-recognized water filtration brand that removes 99.6% of lead, arsenic, mercury, and forever chemicals in water.

Project Goals

Seeking to maintain their national presence and keep the enthusiasm for delicious water going, ZeroWater reached out to have me maintain their standard of excellence for their social, email, and blog channels. Our goals were to: 

  • Keep their thousands of subscribers engaged in their email channel

  • Increase likes, follows, and engagement on their social media channels

  • Craft enlightening, eye-catching, and informative blog content

  • Maintain their national presence and dominance in the water filtration space


Social media content creation, blog writing, and email marketing


8 months


Google Docs, Instagram, Facebook, and Klayvio



ZeroWater's Brand and Communications Manager brought me on to develop their blog content as a first order of business. The strategy was conducted by the brand and delivered to me to expand. I took simple briefs and brought them to new heights. I crafted unexpected angles, infused the articles with helpful statistics, and circled back to CTAs that increased sales and built trust. Then, we expanded to social posts. ZeroWater’s already 14K strong follower base was there but not always engaged. I crafted social posts that encouraged likes and comments, increased followers, and routed those who engaged to the brand’s website for purchase. Email marketing soon followed and conversion-focused, brand voice-heavy emails were crafted. Clever subject lines, punchy body copy, and clear CTAs provided healthy sales for the brand. One per week was enough to engage their audience, increase sales, and keep the brand’s email open rates at all-time highs. 

The Deliverables that Turned Heads


  • Over 500 new IG and FB followers

  • Increased open and click-through rates on emails

  • Re-engaged followers on their social media accounts


"Topaz is our first call for new blog content."

"She delivers top-quality work and is always on schedule. I love how she can take a simple creative brief with limited context and turn it into a compelling, well-researched piece. I highly recommend Topaz for content writing & strategy."

- Holly Johnson, Former Brand Content Specialist, ZeroWater

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