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Tamim Teas creates functional, handcrafted mushroom teas made in the USA.  

Project Goals

Born out of a desire to enjoy wholesome mushroom teas, Liat, the founder of Tamim Teas started the company. Her ethos was: let's create a tea company with U.S.-grown organic mushrooms that people can trust. So she did. After years of DIYing her copy, Liat tapped me to revamp Tamim Teas' website. 

The goals of the project were:

  • Refresh their website with their new branding

  • Showcase the company's sustainability stance

  • Create a better user-experience


Website copy 


2 months





The first step was to go deep with Liat on her company's story, goals, mission, and what makes them different from other mushroom tea brands. From there, we went to work strategizing on structural elements for the website that put the company's best foot forward. I simplified the website's menu and rewrote the homepage and about pages to better exemplify the brand's unique selling proposition. I crafted compelling PDP copy to meet top-of-funnel buyers where they were and helped the brand stand out in the of sameness when customers were making purchasing decisions. Finally, I wrote a brand new sustainability page that shed light on the company's compostable packaging and sustainable teaware. The ultimate goal was to create an easy-to-follow, informative website to build trust and grow sales with current and future customers.

The Deliverables that Turned Heads


  • Rewritten user-friendly homepage

  • Refreshed about page

  • New sustainability page

  • Conversion-focused PDPs


"Topaz is a top-notch, thorough, and talented copywriter."

"Working with her has been a joy. I can always trust her work and count on her timelines. She never disappoints. Her drive, passion, and skill set will propel your business in the direction it needs to achieve your goals for this year."

- Laura Harris, Founder, Greens Gone Wild

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