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RASA is an adaptogenic, plant-based coffee alternative using ancient herbalist formulas to unlock natural energy from within. 

Project Goals

A brand new-startup with big goals to disrupt the coffee industry, RASA used their millions of dollars in seed funding to start an herbalism-centered coffee alternative and needed a lead copywriter to improve their online presence for top-of-funnel buyers. RASA’s unique voice and tone called for Instagram and Facebook ads that were funny, personality-packed, and head-turning. To complement the funnel, they needed a new product detail page for an upcoming launch.


Ad copy and a new product detail page


3 months


Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify

vegan content writer 


The first order of business was to hone in on their unique voice and tone to separate them from other coffee alternative CPG brands. After brainstorming angles, hooks, and clever language that communicated their unique selling proposition, we translated that messaging into 50 characters or fewer for social media ads. The more quirky, out there, and unique the copy was, the higher the conversion rate. We went all out and created ingenious ad scripts and copy that turned heads, increased subscribers, and raked in thousands of dollars within the first month alone. The final step was to produce a PDP that integrated their quirky voice and tone for their new adaptogen powder. 

The Deliverable that Turned Heads


  • 1,000,000+ combined impressions on social ads

  • 100+ monthly subscribers added

  • $10,000+ revenue in the first month of ads 

  • 1000s of magical mushroom powders sold in the first three months

vegan copywriter 
cruelty-free copywriter 
topaz hooper vegan copywriter

"Topaz is my go-to copywriter. "

"She is an excellent communicator and super easy to work with, is confident in what she writes and recommends, and has the ability to create copy that stands out from the crowd.”

- Katrin Ferge, Brand and Communications Manager, ZeroWater

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