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Christspiracy is a groundbreaking documentary from the creators of Seaspiracy and Cowspiracy exploring the connection between animal exploitation and religion.

Project Goals

From the creators of Seaspiracy and Cowspiracy, the producer team at Christspiracy reached out to ask me to help them launch their very first Kickstarter for their brand new film. After turning down the global streaming giant, Netflix, the team needed high-impact conversion copy that would help them earn $300,000 in one month—enough to release the film independently. I joined them as a copywriter and editor for their Kickstarter and launch content.


Landing page, emails, social captions


2 months


Kickstarter, Instagram, Facebook



The first order of business with the Christspiracy team was to jump on a call and start strategizing on their Kickstarter page. The team already made a very good first draft, but it needed restructuring, more compelling language, and a copywriter to make it powerfully convincing. We revamped the Kickstarter copy together and published it on World Vegan Day 2023. From there, we needed pre-launch emails and social captions to get their email list and social media followers ready to contribute to the Kickstarter. We crafted engaging and shareworthy captions and emails that kept their list on the edge of their seats. Finally, when we released the Kickstarter, we watched the pledges come in. Within 2 weeks, the team reached 100% of their goal and within 1 month, they exceeded it by over $130,000. 

The Deliverable that Turned Heads


  • $300K goal reached in just 2 weeks

  • High conversions from social media and emails

  • A successful independent release of their film


"Topaz is my go-to copywriter. "

"She is an excellent communicator and super easy to work with, is confident in what she writes and recommends, and has the ability to create copy that stands out from the crowd.”

- Katrin Ferge, Brand and Communications Manager, ZeroWater

Ready for the cruelty-free treatment?

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