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Apothékary is a plant-based CPG startup creating potent herbal remedies that bridge Eastern and Western tradition with modern science.

Project Goals

As one of the most popular up-and-coming plant-based CPG brands, Apothékary needed an experienced plant-based copywriter to support their massive rebrand efforts and help them refine their brand voice and tone. They brought me on to edit more than 40 product detail pages, 20 internal pages, launch a quarterly subscription box, and offer copy support for their email, social media, and blog. 


Website copywriting, rebrand copy edits





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The first step was to take their newly created rebrand strategy and develop a more refined and professional brand voice and tone. Apothékary has a smart, edgy, and active tone of voice but it needed to be translated across their website in a more polished and professional way. I began with a deep dive on their ideal customer demographics examining where they live, what they want, and why they chose Apothékary. From there, I used their rebrand guidelines to rewrite dozens of their product detail pages (PDP) creating a uniform skeleton for each PDP and grooming them for claims that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) would flag them for. I, then, rewrote their internal pages like their about page, blog, quiz, and glossary pages. From there, I provided rebranded copy support to their email, social media, and blog writing employees. The result will be a new rebranded website in the coming months. 

The Deliverables that Turned Heads

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  • 40+ internal pages and 10+ booklets written

  • 2 products named and 4 launched

  • $212,919 earned and 13.2x ROAS in one month from a direct-mail campaign

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"Topaz is a dream to work with!"

"Her content is fantastic and she's incredibly organized and self-motivated. I would highly recommend working with Topaz if you're looking for a thoughtful, intentional, efficient, and talented copywriter!"

- Katie Magnus, Former Director of Marketing, Apothekary

Ready for the cruelty-free treatment?

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