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13 Seeds

13 Seeds is an Australian-based hemp product company creating the highest quality hemp CPG products to promote an anti-inflammatory and healthful lifestyle for their customers.

Project Goals

As a budding hemp CPG brand, 13 Seeds had a great following and loyal customer base, but they wanted to invite more customers into their sales funnels.


They needed persuasive emails and a well-written lead magnet to educate, delight, and entice new site visitors into subscribing. 


Email marketing and ebook lead magnet


1 month


Google Docs

vegan copywriter 


All copy projects start with research. We dove deep using their customer testimonials, surveys conducted by the brand, and competitor analyses to understand their ideal clients’ needs, desires, health issues, and goals. From there, we crafted an 8-email lead nurture series with the 13 Seeds Inflammation Guide lead magnet to draw in email subscribers. We used a combination of testimonials, stories, health facts, and persuasion to turn new visitors into happy customers. 

The Deliverable that Turned Heads


  • Hundreds of downloads of the ebook and thousands of dollars in sales

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"Topaz’s articles have been extremely well-written,

informative, and she clearly has a strong understanding of how to craft SEO-friendly content."

- Angela Bunt, Former Brand Manager, Health Coach Institute

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