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cruelty free copywriter

The #1 Copy House for Cruelty-Free Brands

Head turning copy and content for plant-based CPG, sustainable fashion, and clean beauty brands.

You’re not just another cruelty-free brand. But do potential customers know that?

Standing out in the cruelty-free niche is tough! There are one million plant-based snacks, vegan leather accessories, and natural skincare products.

If you’re drowning in the cruelty-free crowd, I can help you stand out, turn heads, and build a cult following.

Cruelty-free is here to stay and so are your sales. 

Your plant-based, vegan, and earth-friendly goodies are already making waves. But making consistent sales can feel like you’re stranded at sea.

I’m here to help your sales feel as easy as your mission for the planet and animals.

Let me take the wheel on your marketing and bring you to stardom.

I’m talking…

  • Website copy 

  • Email marketing 

  • Blog writing

  • Brand strategy

  • SEO optimization

  • And more!

A one-woman copy house for all of your marketing needs.

cruelty-free copywriter
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Web copy sales generated in 2 weeks for one CPG client.


Average add-to-cart conversion rate on a product detail page for a CPG client.


Average open rate on emails for a sustainable fashion client. 


Views in one month on an Instagram reel for a plant-based client


earned in 3 months of email marketing for a CPG client.

My Services

Copy & content that turns heads & changes the world

Bring your site into the spotlight. Get:

  • A warm and welcoming homepage 

  • An About page that speaks to your values

  • Product detail pages that educate and convert 

Oh hey,

I’m Topaz, cruelty-free consumer and lifelong vegan.

I’m an animal lover and environmentalist on a mission to do my part to protect the planet and the creatures that live on it. 

I started my career as a vegan chef, then pivoted to being a plant-based coach working with Gen X, millennials, and Gen Zers who were ready to put down the meat and pick up the tofu.

From there, I knew I could do more to help brands who were on the same mission. So, I started Cruelty-Free Copywriter so I could use my skills as a coach and chef to help other plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free brands thrive.

topaz hooper vegan copywriter


"Topaz is an incredibly driven and resourceful copywriter.

Her ability to put herself in the customer's shoes and speak to their emotional needs is a unique gift and makes her copywriting that much more effective.”

- Kelsey Hess, Former Brand Manager, Kion

cruelty-free copywriter

Stand out from the cruelty-free crowd

Turning heads and building a cult following shouldn’t be a drag. 

All you need is a good digital marketer to help you stand out and grow your sales.

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