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Cruelty-Free Treatment


Your cruelty-free product is

Whether it's a plant-based skin serum,
apple leather boots...

vegan energy bars or biodegradable sneakers, 

your product is making real

for the animals and humans that live on this planet.  

The only thing standing in your way from making a bigger impact is good ol' fashioned SALES.

If reaching and converting ethical, conscious customers is a
for your business, I can help you reach them.

All it takes is a little (vegan) elbow grease, and good copy to turn

one-time buyers into raving fans

White Sand and Stone

I can move your customers... to the checkout. 

With clever storytelling, honest copy, and down-to-earth realness, 

I can help your brand turn heads, stand out, and keep customers coming again and again.

Marble Surface

By the way, I'm Topaz. 

 6-year vegan and cruelty-free consumer here.

I've spent thousands of dollars on products just like yours.

Sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and plant-based foods. You name, I've tried it. 

After spending years writing high-converting copy and content for million-dollar brands... 

I know what conscious consumers want...

The secret?

A brand with integrity.

They're not buying fake ingredients, unethical practices, or manufacturing that harms the planet. 

With my honest, down-to-earth, and relatable copy...

we can show your customers you're more than a pretty face.

If you're finally ready to scale your brand, connect with your audience, and build a cult following...  

irresistible sales copy
Contagious content 

Launch Copy

Don't let your launch be a party of one. 

Catapult your new product or service with a bang. 

Get launch copy that'll warm up your prospects. Send emails that'll walk customers to the check-out. Share social captions that connect and grow your following.

Web Design

Web Copy

Your website is your first impression.
Are you making a good one?

Stand out from the cruelty-free crowd with head-turning web copy. 

Homepages that impress. Landing pages that connect. Shop pages that convert. 

Emails, Social Media, and Blogs

Don't leave your customers hanging.

Give them something they look forward to reading everyday. 

Page-turning blog posts, like-worthy social captions, and emails they can't wait to open.


What happy clients say


Patty Hodapp, Content Strategist, Health Coach Institute

Topaz is truly a joy to work with! Topaz brings equal parts enthusiasm and humility to her work as she crafts copy with care... She makes every deadline without fail, generates strong ideas, and her writing skills are bar none. Work with Topaz and you won't regret it.


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