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Greens Gone Wild

Greens Gone Wild is a plant-based, energy bar made with less than 10 ingredients and more than 10 grams of vegan protein.

Project Goals

Since their founding, Greens Gone Wild has grown organically by popping up in coffee shops and farmers markets all over Colorado. However, they’re rebranding in 2023 and needed new homepage copy to show up as more professional yet still fun. They also needed a newsletter template that they can use month after month for new product launches, event announcements, and to educate their customers about their ingredient list. 


Website copy and email marketing


2 months



vegan marketer


The first step was a deep dive into the plant-based CPG competition. After scouring the messaging of dozens of other plant-based and vegan energy bar brands, we nailed down language and a homepage structure that would turn heads and still maintain their fun and bubbly voice and tone. After creating a wireframe and new homepage copy, we needed to excite their subscribers. We created a newsletter using the learnings from the homepage research and translated that into a fun email format that subscribers would want to open. We updated their subscribers with new product launch information, upcoming events, and more–all while keeping the language easy to read, bubbly, and humorous. 

The Deliverables that Turned Heads


  • Brand new  high-conversion homepage copy

  • 49.5% avg open rate on emails

  • 3.5% avg click rate on emails

  • $133 avg sales per email campaign

vegan copywriter 
cruelty-free copywriter 
topaz hooper vegan copywriter

"Topaz is a top-notch, thorough, and talented copywriter."

"Working with her has been a joy. I can always trust her work and count on her timelines. She never disappoints. Her drive, passion, and skill set will propel your business in the direction it needs to achieve your goals for this year."

- Laura Harris, Founder, Greens Gone Wild

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